Island S is a project I have collaborated with my friend and handed in for Spotify’s live brief released by D&AD this year. As a virtual space in the app of Spotify, Island S offers a space for young souls to find comfort by immersing in music creations.

The British therapist Clive Robbins believes that everyone has inborn musicality. And as one of the earliest pioneers in music therapy in United Kingdom, Juliet Alvin stated that we could discover ourselves in the music we create. From the research, a report from London King’s College shows that Today’s teenagers might be the loneliest generation, BBC’s Loneliness Experiment in collaboration with Wellcome Collection also introduced that Youth ages 16-24 were feeling lonely and suffering from fear of missing out. So by encouraging our audience to produce their own music piece, we would like to lead them to express themselves in this virtual space. we also referenced colour therapy in this project for the colour choice of each element. So that the atmosphere of island s can be warm and free enough for people to experience.

With Island S, our goal is to build a sense of belonging to Spotify community. Helping young generations feeling more empowered and inspired. And at the same time, we would like to arouse people’s attention to the mental health of adolescents.
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