The project “My Archetypes” contains two parts. The physical part is  a set of archetypes in the shape of building blocks. And the digital part is an app that would set people tasks that can let people release from different ways. I used simple archetypes in the shape of building blocks as the main symbols of this project. With different shapes and materials, the archetypes appear both in a physical way in the set and a virtual way in the app. People can interact with the physical building block set to feel them in touch and finish the task set by the app to collect the digital form of these archetypes. Based on art therapy, which often focus on the creative art-making process itself, as therapy, or on the analysis of expression gained through an exchange of patient and therapist interaction. I would like to invite people to play with the archetypes  and express their feelings by using the physical part, meanwhile, I chose AR technology to connect people and archetypes, which allows people to interact with the virtual world in the real world at the same time so that they can feel the impact from multiple senses and deepen the interactive experience more powerful.

By encouraging people to finish the task in the app, I want them to try different ways that can help people to release theoretically. And during the process, I hope they can find the ways that can be most suitable for themselves and continue to use it for the rest of time.