I really like the sound of cicadas, I feel that the summer without the sound of them is deficient

The sound of the teacher's speech in the classroom with the sound of the electric fan during summertime, which can always makes me feel peaceful and comfortable.

The wind in Edinburgh in winter, which is very powerful. I usually wonder whether it can blow up the house.

I am Impressed by the sound of the Morse code. Because it is the sound that stores information.

The voice I want to remember the most is the sound of my mother calling me to get up when I was a child

What impressed me the most was that once my cat was uncomfortable, which made its cry very miserable. I was very distressed, but I have to be responsible for my cat. I felt like a mother the day I took her to the surgery.

A song called Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. I will make it single-cycled long time ago

I will immediately remember the sound of the sidewalk button when crossing the road, which can make me feel absolutely safe.

Good golf hit sound. Heard it on a driving range like for golfing. The sound was really crisp

The first time I heard my little sister’s voice in the hospital when she was born. The sound means that there was one more person who can be close to me in the world.