The Soul Capsule provides people a new way of saying goodbye to their pets. As a future animal cemetery, the soul capsule allows people to meet and interact with their pets again in the form of holographic projector. The pets’ data would be collected during their whole life so that we can keep a thinkable soul in their capsules. We are aiming to use the concept of rebirth to help people relief from their grief.

In addition to proposing a new form of the pet cemetery in the future, I hope that my audience can also be stimulated to think about the emotional processing problems when facing death. How do we correctly deal with these negative emotions which can only be borne by ourselves? And when the technology has opened the door of our emotional space for artificial intelligence to help us eliminate our negative emotions, what kind of attitude should we respond with? Should we fetter the movements of technologies or change the way we get along with them? I hope that through the experience of the Soul Capsule, I can bring these problems to my audience as well as the experts in the fields of design, science, and psychology.

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