Main Research Topic:

Through fabricated senses and false visuals Space Post offers the viewers a fantastic illusion, transporting them to an alternate world of speculative aliens. By simulating interaction with these speculative beings, one can begin to prepare for potential situations similar to those presented by this piece. Prior to conceiving of the idea, we researched the various human sense; not to create an immersive experience, but to find significance in a jarring and not immersive piece that deceives the senses. However one can imagine these situations nothing is certain nor will viewers be sufficiently prepared, as everything presented is merely an illusion; what the viewers see is certainly not what the viewers would get in reality.

Audience Experience:

The key to our design is audience interaction and self discovery, rather than being passivelyimprinted a narrative or image. The visual, sound and touch elements in our exhibition are alldesigned to de-focus the audience's senses by challenging sensory connections our brainsautomatically make in daily lives. We deconstruct existing connections in the hope to encourageaudience to make new connections with their awakened imagination.

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