Silence is a state where there is no sound, but just because you can’t hear something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. We often adjust to a situation by relying on our listening, however so many things exist beyond our comprehension. For this project I aim to explore the metaphor represented by “the 52Hz Whale”, which is a whale who has a different signal with others. It is called the loneliest whale in the world because the unique signal it gives out cannot be heard by other whales. It has a kind of “Silence Sound”.

I want to explore the potential of this idea of something that can make sounds but can not be heard as a result it needs to communicate relying on other senses. I started by exploring these ideas through the process of type design. Inspired by the recording of the whale, my aim is to design typefaces that can speak silently based on the shapes of sound waves. Hence, I create a moving image with the recording of the whale’s signal as the background music to visualize the concept. In order to offer the texture of silence to my audiences, I applied embossing for my final publication. And inspired by Tony Longson’s work, I create a 3D layering work to show my typeface. This method of presentation is the imitation of the propagation of sound waves.